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The Faculty of Advocates Library Building Edinburgh

The Faculty of Advocates Library Building Edinburgh

This building houses one of the most valuable and important collections of law books in the country. The collection includes many rare books that require to be kept in appropriate conditions to limit the effects of any deterioration.

We were responsible for the complete refurbishment of the main Library Building with respect to the Mechanical & Electrical Services. The project initially involved dialogue with the Clients specialists regarding optimum conditions for the books, which included providing steady state closed control of temperature and humidity throughout the year. The books were however, to be made available for reference purposes and this also had to be taken into consideration when reaching an acceptable solution. Further detailed thought and consideration also had to be given to the fire engineering aspect of matters and the effects of daylight, which was generally excluded, with the provision of controlled artificial light only allowed in the vast majority of storage spaces.

An ongoing M&E Consultancy service has been provided to the Faculty of Advocates since the completion of the project to ensure that the M&E services installations continue to meet the clients basic operational requirements, which change from time to time.