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National Oceanography Centre Southampton

National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Within the last twelve months WGM Consulting Engineers have been commissioned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the University of Southampton, to carry out an Energy Report for the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Southampton, the UK’s leading institution for sea level science, coastal and deep ocean research and technology development.  The new Centre works in close partnership with institutions across the UK marine science community.  NOC is based at a purpose-built waterside campus in Southampton, and is home to some 520 research scientists, lecturing support and sea-going staff, as well as over 700 undergraduate and post-graduate students.  The overall site footprint covers an area of approximately 4.5 km2 with the main building floor area being 55,000 m2, including plant and general circulation areas.  The detailed Energy Report was issued to the Client, following a detailed seven month long site services investigation and energy assessment exercise.

This report reviewed existing systems including controls, considered varying levels of modifications again cost and detailed payback periods.  It also considered new technologies such as the utilisation of chilled sea water and the benefits this may have in the reduction of the overall cooling load currently generated.  Lighting through the whole site was surveyed and various designs and options considered and reviewed to allow this section of the report to be collated.  Large sections of existing lighting were modelled and calculated.  This processed allowed the WGM team to provide detailed analysis into the existing against proposed options and allowed us to accurately record and report this to our Client.   Consideration was given to the type of luminaires and output for the proposed.  The main influence throughout this report was energy reduction and thus we considered various lamp options from fluorescent to LED to plasma.  The report was produced to present short, medium and long term savings.  These savings took into consideration condition of existing lighting, capital cost, lamp life and maintenance.  The report formed a business case for the end user to allow them to plan short medium and long term upgrades and maintenance across the NOCS estate.


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